Our Complete Publishing Services

While publishing a book is exciting, it is often a very stressful time.

Inception Press Is designed and specialised to take away the stress off publishers – emerging and published authors, and self-publishers.

For bookstores to accept to stock your book, it has to be correctly designed, and contains the appropriate legal requirements such as ISBN, barcode, copyright section, CiP or Library of Congress number, otherwise, they will certainly refuse it and it will not sell to libraries.

However, Inception Press is here to take all these daunting tasks off your shoulders and make the publishing experience of your book a smooth, exciting and rewarding process.

Every step of publishing your book will be discussed with you and you will be informed of an estimate of how long each step will take and how to take advantage of the market.

We provide highly professional services in the following specialised areas:

  1. Ghost writing;
  2. Researching;
  3. Manuscript Assessment;
  4. Editing;
  5. Proofreading;
  6. Cover Design;
  7. Copy -Typing;
  8. Typesetting;
  9. Photos;
  10. ISBN;
  11. Barcode
  12. CiP;
  13. Printing;
  14. Legal deposits;
  15. Book Launch;
  16. Distribution (worldwide);


  1. Electronic publishing (Kindle, Apple iBook, Sony’s Reader Store, Nook, Android, etc.)
  2. Translation
  3. Transliteration

Whether you contact us by email, telephone, or have a face-to-face meeting, we will provide you with the highest professional and personal service at the cheapest affordable rate.