Many believe editing is the simple process of correcting punctuation and spelling. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our editors will work with you to ensure that what you say commands the attention and respect your ideas deserve.

Inception Press offers a full range of editorial services.

Editor's Report

Your manuscript will be read and we will provide you with a comprehensive written report. The report will outline the manuscript's strengths and will suggest ways in which your work can be improved. The notes in the report will be directly focused on the fundamentals as well as the details. The editor will provide you with constructive criticism and specific suggestions, drawing your attention on how you can improve your manuscript, rather than marking up the specifics of correct presentation and spelling.
Issues covered will range from grammar, syntax and expression to engagement with 'big picture' concerns such as structure, voice, characterisation, point of view and narrative logic.

Structural editing

Structural editing is a specialisedservice demanding considerable experience. Structural editing involves developing the logic and flow of a piece of writing, shaping and presenting the text in harmony with its internal progression.
The editor will:

  • Consider the content and structure of the work;
  • Analysethe storyline and its development;
  • Evaluate who the characters are, what they do and say and why;
  • Evaluate the tone, level and approach;
  • Appraise the writing itself.


This skilled service provides a meticulous copy-edit of your manuscript. The editor’s task is to produce a clear, objective, straightforward and concise text.
The editor will:

  • Correct structural inconsistencies;
  • Review grammar, syntax, style, terminology and consistency;
  • Correct English spelling mistakes;
  • Work with the author to ensure factual accuracy and consistency.