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The odds are against the new and emerging author. After writing your book, which might have taken you years to finish, publishers, one after the other, reject your submission. In fact, publishers reject at least 99% of high standard manuscripts.

Inception Press Publishing Services has been developed to assist you to publish your creative work.

We offer a professional and personal service to get your book into print and electronically (Kindle, iBook, etc.); we provide:

We ensure that your book is professionally crafted and meets the Australian & International standards.

Inception Pressoffers a full range of self-publishing services at competitive prices to assist you to make your dream a reality.

Writing a manuscript is no easy task. It might take you years to complete after which you are not guaranteed to get your work published. Time after time, your submissions to publishers are rejected for varying reasons - mostly, because publishers haven’t even read your manuscript due to the huge number of submissions they receive on a daily basis and only publish one manuscript for every hundred or even thousands of manuscript they accept.

Rejection letters are hard to receive, and often have nothing to do with the quality of manuscripts. Indeed, rejected manuscripts can be of a very high standard and could be very successful if published and marketed properly.

We are here to help.

Inception Pressis the way to go as we are here to help get your book published in a very competitive market.

We provide a highly professional and personal service to authors of fiction, non-fiction, or children books to get your book into the tricky process of publishing.

Inception Presswill help you realise your dream.


Inception Pressprovides complete publishing services for first time and previously published independent authors

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